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Kinze and Raven Partner on Next Generation Planter Solutions

Kinze announces a partnership with Raven Industries to develop a standalone monitor solution for the Kinze 4900 series planter. With this new monitor, Kinze and Raven have partnered to develop the software and its integration with the planter, with the goal of eliminating reliance on ISOBUS and other manufacturers' software.Read More

Kinze Continues Progress on World's First Electric Multi-Hybrid Planter

Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. continues progress on the world's first electric multi-hybrid planter, with six planters having successfully been used for planting on test plots in Iowa, Illinois and Indiana this spring. Based on early successes with the multi-hybrid planter, Kinze is putting the model into limited production for the spring 2015 planting season.Read More

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KinzeMan Takes Flight on a High Altitude Balloon

On Saturday, July 12, KinzeMan boldly went where few mascots have gone before. That day a group of Kinze employees teamed with students from Williamsburg to conduct an epic balloon launch - sending KinzeMan and a capsule containing cameras and a GPS transponder soaring over 100,000 feet into the stratosphere. Read More