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Kinze Recommends 10 Tips for Spring Planter Preparation

Kinze is celebrating 50 years in business this year, with thousands of planters and grain carts running strong on farms around the world. Many of Kinze's employees are farmers themselves and know that spending a little time on machinery maintenance during the off-season can help ensure planters are running at their best when the planting window finally arrives.Read More

Kinze Offers Conversions Kits for EdgeVac Meters to 4000 Series Vacuum Meters

Kinze is introducing the option to convert EdgeVac meters to 4000 Series Vacuum meters. This conversion allows for superior agronomic performance with singulation accuracy up to 99%+ and accurate seed spacing and population.Read More

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Great Kinze Innovations: The Adjustable Width Plow

By the late 1960s, Jon Kinzenbaw had made a name for himself in the farming community by re-powering John Deere 5020 tractors. As interest in them grew so too did demand for product demonstrationsRead More