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Mike Dykstra

Mike Dykstra joined Kinze in 2007 to spearhead creative services, bringing a strong background in ag equipment design, technical graphics, technical writing and marketing to the position. His responsibilities include photography, video production, literature, trade show design and execution, and corporate history projects, as well as developing and maintaining the Kinze Innovation Center. Mike holds a degree in Industrial Technology from William Penn University.

Articles By Mike Dykstra

Our Thanksgiving Feast

What's the story behind the food we consume on Thanksgiving Day? Here's some insight and history on a few dishes we enjoy!

Seed Meter Drives - Then and Now

From poking holes in the ground with a stick, to placing seed with the accuracy of GPS, how we plant and get the seed where we want it has changed dramatically over the past 200 years.

Measuring Seed Spacing Accuracy

Measuring how accurately seed is planted has changed a lot in the past quarter century. Now we strive for, and can measure, nearly perfectly spaced rows of corn!

Pack Up the Truck, It's Time to Vacation!

As you're heading through the middle of the country on Interstate 80, it's easy to stop off at Iowa exit 216 to learn more about the history of agriculture. Make stopping at the Kinze Innovation Center part of your vacation plans.

The Story Behind (Beneath) the Iconic Kinze Yard Art

Over the years, millions of people traveling along Interstate-80 have passed Kinze headquarters and marveled at the spectacle of our yard art.

A Tractor & His Boy: A Book About Following Your Dreams

Part of what makes Kinze Manufacturing such a special company is the many rich stories of our founder and president Jon Kinzenbaw. In 2013, we released a children's book - Big Blue and Polly, - which shared a story of friendship and determination with the next generation of farmers.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Kinze Innovation Center

Read Kinze's latest blog on the top 10 reasons to visit the Kinze Innovation Center!

How the Kinze Grain Cart Got Its Start

For nearly 40 years, a giant Kinze grain cart, has been hoisted in the air, above the Williamsburg, IA Exit 216 on I-80. Why? Because it represents first major product innovation developed and manufactured (1971) by Jon Kinzenbaw and what was then his new upstart company, Kinze Manufacturing, Inc.

The John Deere 5020 Meets Jon Kinzenbaw

In 1965, John Deere introduced the 5020 standard, regarded at the time as one of the more powerful two-wheel-drive models on the market. A row crop version would be introduced the following year. Then, in 1968, the 5020 received a serious power increase to 141 hp - putting it near the forefront of the industry.

Jon Kinzenbaw's Tractor of the Season: "The Old H"

Jon Kinzenbaw owns hundreds of tractors. Red, green, yellow, gray and blue. He collects them all. They're all unique in some way. All have a story to tell. But none quite like the one he affectionately calls "The Old H."