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Brad Niensteadt

Brad Niensteadt is a Kinze Service Representative and Technology Specialist who provides product support and dealer and customer training. He also conducts product testing for new product development, specializing in monitors, electronics and ISOBUS applications. Niensteadt has been with Kinze since graduating from Iowa State University in 2006. 

Articles By Brad Niensteadt

Prepare Your Planter for Spring!

Kinze has created a simple (and printable) checklist to help you inspect your Kinze planter!

Maintain Your Kinze Grain Cart to Keep Harvest Rolling Strong!

Seems like you just put away the planter and overnight its time to get equipment ready for harvest! Spending some time now checking over your grain cart will help keep harvest running smoothly.

Be Your Own Expert: The Brush Meter Breakdown

As planter technology continues to change, it’s important to know the in’s and out’s of your machinery so you can prevent problems before they arise.

No-Till Planter Tips for Spring Planting

Rugged terrain, heavy crop residue and soil compaction are challenges for all farmers using no-till planting methods. Yet, more and more farmers are moving to no-till practices, lured by higher yield potential. If done right, no-till planting can control soil erosion, reduce fuel and labor costs by eliminating extra trips across the field, and improve soil moisture and fertility. But successful no-till planting depends on making sure your planter is set up correctly.

Before You Grow: The Ultimate Spring Planting Checklist

Kinze has created a simple (and printable) checklist to help guarantee all of your equipment is in working order before entering the field.

Let's Talk About Kinze Planter Parts

Planting season will be here before you know it. Are you ready? More importantly, is your planter?

The Yield Advantages of Kinze Split Row Planters

When Kinze introduced the Planter Split Row System with “push-type” row units back in 1983, the basic premise was a row crop planter that was convertible between narrow and wide row spacing.

Maintenance Tips to Get Your Grain Cart Ready for Harvest

Harvest season is still a little ways away, but it's never too early to get your equipment in gear for this year's haul.

7 Tips for Planting Season

Planting season has returned! To celebrate we have compiled a list of planting tips and reminders to help get you and your Kinze planter primed for action.

How to Minimize Compaction and Increase Yield

It's not news that planters today are bigger - much bigger - with more rows and attachments as well as higher seed and fertilizer capacity.