Rigid Frame


Wing Fold

Pivot Fold

Front Fold


40- and 60-foot planting widths. Unmatched strength. Unmatched versatility. Tremendous center flex. Bulk fill with 110-bu seed tank capacity. And plenty of choices: precision ag tools, pneumatic down pressure, auto-swath control and more! Two-section toolbar with 30 degree toolbar flex up and down.

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KPM III Electronic Seed Monitor

Better accuracy. Instantly. KPM III DATA – monitors up to 36 rows simultaneously.

  • Skips, multiples and singulation
  • Relative planting rate (bar graphs)
  • Ground speed
  • Row spacing – manually or automatically
  • Real time seed population (by row)
  • Average seed population
  • Seed spacing (by row)
  • Up to 40 acre counters
  • English/Metric measurement
  • Vacuum level
  • Pneumatic down pressure
  • Bulk Fill scales
  • Bulk Fill pressure

KPM III Electronic Seed Monitor