Rigid Frame


Wing Fold

Pivot Fold

Front Fold


Front-fold. 30" spacing. 12, 16, 24 row sizes. 99%+ accuracy at speeds up to 8 MPH as field conditions allow. NEW 4000 Series Vacuum Meter with optional electric drive. NEW cast iron row units with 12" vertical travel. Hydraulic weight transfer to reduce potential soil compaction. High capacity bulk-fill seed and liquid fertilizer options. ISOBUS compatible precision electronics.

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KPM III Electronic Seed Monitor

Better accuracy. Real time results. Monitor up to 36 rows simultaneously.


  • Skips, multiples and singulation
  • Relative planting rate (bar graphs)
  • Ground speed
  • Row spacing
  • Real time seed population (by row)
  • Average seed population
  • Seed spacing (by row)
  • Area counters - 40
  • English/Metric measurement

KPM III Electronic Seed Monitor