Split Rows

Kinze's exclusive push row units have better trash flow and seed placement accuracy than other narrow row planters. 

Benefits of unique toolbar design: 

  • 16" spacing between parallel toolbars allows for additional clearance between row units. The benefit: trash can flow freely when planting in heavy residue. 
  • Proven row unit design allows for proper seed depth placement on both front and rear row units.
  • Additional clearance provides the opportunity to use a wide variety of front-mounted row unit attachments.
  • Even row, split row option for planting 15" no-till beans. This allows the tractor and planter to operate between last season's corn stalks to optimize stand counts and minimize tire tread wear. 

One planter, three purposes:

  • Plant corn
  • Plant soybeans
  • Plant cover crops

Kinze split row planter advantages: 

  • Easily lock up the rows and use the Kinze split row planter as a corn planter, too.
  • Rugged double toolbar design allows for additional options, like bulk-fill or fertilizer, without sacrificing capacity.
  • Exclusive "lift and rotate" system allows planter to lock in-line for easy, narrow transport.
  • Space between row units and center pivot design allows for great ergonomic service of the row units.

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