Manufacturing Engineering

If you're content with working on the same unexciting products day in and day out, repeating the same jobs again and again, then Kinze probably isn't the place for you.

At Kinze, a culture of innovation means manufacturing engineers are constantly challenged to build better products and find more efficient processes. The complexity of Kinze products lets you utilize you entire skill set and creative talents. In addition, you will be given the freedom to contribute in all phases of the manufacturing process as you advance key projects from start to process.

Kinze is committed to lean and continuous improvement, and reinvests in state-of-the-art facilities (over 1 million square feet of under roof space) and cutting-edge machines and technologies that meet the highest performance and safety standards. 


Meet Ron Luety, Director of Manufacturing Engineering

Ron Luety leads development and implementation of world class manufacturing processes at Kinze as well as systems that support new product development and product improvement. He also oversees facilities expansion, renovations and maintenance. Ron has served in various engineering related roles since joining Kinze in 2004 and assumed his current role in 2011. The Wisconsin native started his career as a machinist at R.T. Blackhawk Machine. He later held multiple management positions in 16 years at Precision Drawn Metals, before serving as Product Manager for four years at Montezuma Mfg.