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Published November 1, 2013 by Susanne Veatch


Stories inspire us. Stories of success drive us to achieve great things of our own. Stories of perseverance encourage us to keep going – even despite formidable obstacles. Even stories of failure can inspire us by reminding us that success is never a given and we must always stay focused, hungry and humble.


Stories abound here at Kinze. Like the story of my father – president and founder Jon Kinzenbaw – who as an ambitious young man with little money in his pocket opened a small welding shop here in the heartland, relying on his creative talents, know-how and work ethic to build a successful company from the ground up. 

Over the years so many talented and hard working people have shared and contributed to the Kinze story. Like all the talented engineers who have worked to help create the next big innovations. All the manufacturing specialists who have helped bring those ideas to life in the factory. All the sales and marketers who helped bring these products to market. And all the dealers and supply chain specialists who helped deliver these products to end-users all over the world.


Even the buildings and facilities contribute to the Kinze story. Today, the production facilities are filled with cutting-edge technology and house over one million square feet of space under roof. The new Kinze Innovation Center shares with visitors many unique relics from my father’s life and exhibits key moments in the company’s history.


These are the stories of Kinze. And there are so many more stories to tell. Everyday we come across inspiring stories from all over our organization. Kinze employees, customers and dealers all have unique perspectives and stories to share. That’s what inspired us to create this new blog: Sparks of Innovation. It gives us a platform with which we can share these stories with you.


The best way to follow the blog is to subscribe to our RSS feed. This will ensure that each post is delivered to your email inbox as soon as it’s published. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where we’ll be sharing all of the stories as they’re posted.


The bloggers on Sparks of Innovation will come from all over our organization and bring fresh perspectives on some of the biggest issues facing our industry and our company. We hope you will find inspiration and share the information with your friends and colleagues.


We’re off on a new adventure and looking forward to telling the stories of innovation, hard work and inspiration that we come across. Don’t hesitate to reach out and give us your ideas. Thanks for reading!



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