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Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Planter

Published December 13, 2013 by Phil Jennings


Windows of opportunity are narrow in planting season, when time is money and farmers rush to get their seed in the ground. Dealing with unexpected maintenance issues with your planter can mean costly delays.

Don’t leave for spring what you can address today. Get started now to ensure you’re revved and ready for spring.  Parts discounts and service specials make this another great reason to work on your planter now.  Consistent planter performance starts with a planter that is in good mechanical shape. Do the basics first. Make a close inspection of these areas using the attached planter checklist. Badly worn parts must be replaced or planter efficiency will suffer.

Start with the attached checklist and watch for future posts with more detail on the following topics.

  1. Seed Meters – proper cleaning and storage, identify common wear points, meter testing recommendations, lubrication dos and don’ts.  Mechanical and Vacuum meters will be covered.
  2. Row Units – Inspection and adjustment of soil engaging components, meter driveline, clutches, gauge wheels, closing wheels, and down pressure options.
  3. Fertilizer And No Till Attachments – Proper clean out and winterization, opener maintenance and wear points.  How to adjust your no-till coulters and residue managers for all conditions.
  4. Technology Tune-ups – Why change firmware that works, module updates, smart seed sensors, data management challenges, harness routing.
  5. Frame – Safety equipment, Inspection of wheels and tires, hitch heights, and markers.

Stay tuned to the Kinze Blog for more detailed information on the above topics.

Download your Kinze Planter Checklist Now!

Click on the button below to download the Kinze Planter Checklist! The checklist includes: row units, seed meters, safety, row markets, drives, electrical and seed monitor and planter frame. 

Kinze Planter Checklist



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