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Tech Tune-Ups and Frame Maintenance for Row Crop Planters

Published March 4, 2014 by Phil Jennings


When it comes to planter maintenance,

we always tend to focus on meters and row units first, but don’t overlook the frame during annual pre-season inspections! It only takes a few minutes. Here’s a good checklist:

1. Is your planter is level? Changing tires on your tractor or using a different tractor from the prior year can easily change the height of the hitch and the level of your planter.

2. Check for wear on the hitch clevis. (Remember, flipping it over changes planter height too.)

3. Repack your wheel bearings and check air pressure in your tires.

4. Grease your wheel modules, wing hinges and folding pivot points.

5. Check torque on your bolted hitch joints.

6. Got loose hoses and wires? Strap them down neatly to the hitch and frame.

7. Got markers? 

  • Check the torque on the mounting bolts.
  • Grease all pivot points.
  • Inspect the marker blades and repack the bearings. 

8. Checked your safety warning signs and lights lately? Are they operating correctly? And visible?

when was the last time you did a ‘Technology Tune Up'?

Best way improve your planting performance? New technologies. Consider variable-rate technology for seed and fertilizer. Coupled with auto-steer and row-shutoff clutches, they make a powerful package … and save you a bundle on input costs. Are you able to change down pressure on the go? Maybe it’s time. In the past few years, there have been huge advances in planter technology and performance. Talk to your Kinze dealer about the best approach for your operation.

For example, even the most basic Kinze KPM3 monitor software changes regularly. So make sure you check and install annual monitor/module updates for the latest features and functionalities. Current versions can be found on the Kinze website after March 1st – KPM3 (v3.1), Integra (v5.2), 3000 ISOBUS (v2.0) and 4900 ISOBUS (v1.6).

NOTE: With ISOBUS monitors, your virtual terminal should have current software installed from your tractor manufacturer.



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