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How To Jumpstart Your Career

Published March 11, 2014 by Kinze Manufacturing


"I was looking for an internship to get some practical experience that would prepare me for the workforce. What I found at Kinze was a program that offered me much more and an environment that allowed me to develop and apply new skills that would have been impossible to achieve in a classroom setting. The challenges I faced and the responsibilities I was given exceeded anything I had ever imagined. It has been a tremendous learning experience.

Mike Green, Manufacturing Engineering Co-op

Mechanical Engineering Major at the University of Iowa

Class of 2014 (December)


During the past decade, Mike Green – and roughly 100 other top-echelon college students – have enrolled in what has become a very popular and highly acclaimed co-op program at Kinze. Those invited to participate perform critical tasks on key projects within a fast-paced four- to six-month timeframe. They work with state-of-the-art equipment/technologies in a learning environment that's very stimulating and challenging. And they get involved – almost immediately – in several project-driven, team-building opportunities as they work side-by-side with experienced professionals in their field of study.


Mike has been on a fast-track ever since he entered the program (with the class of January, 2013). “I never dreamed I would be this engaged this quickly and have this much responsibility,” said Mike. “I’m working with state-of-the equipment and processes in all phases of manufacturing; these are projects that can potentially have an immediate impact at Kinze. And I’m making presentations (on what I have learned) directly to top management. The co-op program has given me a huge jumpstart on my career. I can’t imagine getting this type of hands-on experience anywhere else.”


Today, Mike is a senior at the University of Iowa and he continues to work part-time at Kinze while earning additional credits towards his Mechanical Engineering degree. He graduates in December.


Interested in learning more? Kinze is currently recruiting for Spring-Summer Co-ops for 2015. Check out our Kinze Co-op Program page to see what we have to offer.



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