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Music Meets Manufacturing: Kinze Supports Local Music Education

Published May 13, 2014 by Susanne Veatch


Dozens of studies suggest there’s a direct correlation (and generally, a positive effect) between music and human behavior – particularly in the areas of academics, intelligence, personality, math, concentration, happiness and language.

And yet, isn’t it ironic that one of the most positive influences in education and human behavior seems to be one of the most underfunded programs in our schools and society’s cultural or community affairs.

I love the sound of music and commend the dedication and hard work of the people who teach and provide it. Earlier this month, I had the privilege of presenting a Kinze check to the Williamsburg Music Association to help cover the costs for several new and used instruments and choir arrangements.

I know they truly appreciated the extra financial support, but I firmly believe it’s time for all of us to invest (in our own little way) in music; and to become strong advocates for it as citizens. Music defines, stimulates, entertains, bonds and influences us in more ways than we will ever know. And it builds tremendous confidence among those who partake.

The Williamsburg Music Association (WMA) provides a wonderful learning experience for students of all ages. They always have. Their commitment to excellence and education always comes first. They were there to teach and support me personally when I was participating in the junior high and high school band. That’s why Kinze has, and will continue to support of WMA and the wonderful work they do for the entire Williamsburg community.

Perhaps it’s something worth considering (and becoming involved in) in support of your school or community.

Susanne (Kinzenbaw) Veatch, VP and Chief Marketing Officer at Kinze, presents a $12,885 check to the Williamsburg Music Association. Accompanying Veatch are Kathryn Berte (Associate Choral Director); Tom Landeros (elementary and Junior High Band Director); Tyler Kalina (High School Band Director); Steve Manning (Director of High School Choral Activities and Music Department Chairman); Mary Greiner (Williamsburg Music Association Treasurer); and Karen Meyerholz (Williamsburg Music Association Secretary).

The contribution covers the costs of new tubas, alto and tenor saxophones, bass trombone and bass guitar with case, a drum set, plus a used trumpet, trombone and show choir arrangements.



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