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Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Kinze Innovation Center

Published June 5, 2014 by Mike Dykstra


1. Discovery

See the motivation, imagination and perseverance of American innovators and the steps taken (and challenges faced) to bring new products and technologies to farmers worldwide.

2. It’s A Tremendous Educational Experience – for Young & Old

Interactive children’s displays. Technology displays. Historical farm machinery you won’t find anywhere else, including some of the most unique machines in agriculture: 5020 re-powered tractors, Big Blue, the 12-bottom adjustable plow, the first rear folded planter, the first grain cart and historical tractors from Jon Kinzenbaw’s personal collection.

3. Trace The Evolution of Planting & Harvesting

See first-hand how the evolution of planting and grain harvesting equipment changed American agriculture – from the power era of yesterday to today’s remarkable explosion in technology – and witness the amazing progress agriculture has made as a result, during the past 70 years!

4. See what’s coming

Check out today’s newest technologies – in the works and currently in the field. Planter and grain cart autonomy. 99% planting accuracy at speeds up to 8-mph as field conditions allow.* Precision electric drive metering by individual rows. Hydraulic weight transfer. Grain handling @750 bushels/min. And more!

5. There’s Always Something New To See

Just like Kinze innovation, the Kinze KIC is constantly evolving! The KIC encompasses more than 25,000 square feet, has over 30 displays of video and interactive and theater seating for over 70. And everything is constantly changing.

6. It’s FREE … and Convenient

Free tours. Free parking. Take a break and beat the heat while you’re on the road. You don’t have to be out in the heat to see an awesome collection of equipment. It’s not only convenient, but much greater experience than an Interstate rest stop.

7. It’s Also A Super Experience for Groups and Bus Tours

The Kinze Innovation Center is easy to get to – located in America’s Heartland – just off I-80 @ Exit 216 near Williamsburg, Iowa. And groups are always welcome. Call and schedule your group today.

8. Experience The Story AND Visit the Factory

While you’re there, you can also tour one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in agriculture, featuring more than 1-million square feet of office and manufacturing space. (It’s not just an assembly plant, but a full fabrication factory.)

*Certain age limits and restrictions may apply. Please schedule in advance.

9. Check Out Your Next Planter or Cart While You’re Here

Planter and cart models are all on display in the arena. It’s the largest and most complete display of current Kinze equipment under roof!

10. A Fabulous Gift Store

There is always something new at the store, including valuable planter and cart collectibles, replicated in 16th and 64th scale, children’s toys and books, plus an entire store filled with Kinze-branded wearables and merchandise.

To get the Innovation Center hours, address and to read more about the museum click here.

*Speed and accuracy of the planter may be limited by field conditions, seed type and other variables.



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