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Kinze Power Products Re-Powers

Published July 5, 2017 by Kinze Manufacturing


Note: The following is an excerpt from the book "Fifty Years of Disruptive Innovation".

Kinze Power Products

In 1988, recognizing the demand for replacement engines on the 86 Series John Deere four-wheel-drive tractors, Kinze jumped back into the re-power business. One of the first projects was re-powering a John Deere 8630 with a Cummins 855 engine. The project proved so interesting and successful that, one year later, Kinze created Kinze Power Products, Inc., an autonomous operating company. From 1988 through 2007, Kinze Power Products re-powered numerous 8630s, 8640s, 8650s and 8850s for farmers throughout North America and in key export markets. 

As with other Kinze innovations, Jon Kinzenbaw found ways to make existing equipment better. The re-powers increased the value and performance of the classic workhorse John Deere four-wheel-drive tractors, giving farmers the best of both worlds: increased torque and lugging power, better fuel efficiency, and improved engine reliability combined with the smooth ride and row crop handling features of the popular tractors. Innovative Kinze designs, such as the forward-tilt engine hood design, and a side-mount-ed air cleaner and exhaust, made the John Deere tractors more user-friendly. Kinze re-powers delivered tremendous savings compared to the cost of purchasing a new tractor.

Kinze Power Products Information

Do you have a John Deere 4WD that was re-powered by Kinze Power Products and you need repair information? While Kinze is no longer involved in re-powering tractors, here are some resources to help you rebuild the gearbox and find replacement components used in the re-power.

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