Supply Chain

Innovative products. Big orders. Global markets. None of it would be possible without a smooth-running supply chain that's trained and equipped to keep Kinze running as it designs, builds and markets some of the best planters and grain carts in the world.

Kinze ownership reinvests in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities (over one million square feet of space under roof) and cutting-edge technologies that meet the highest performance and safety standards.

As a part of the supply chain team, you will collaborate with senior management and contribute in a number of key areas, including procurement, inventory, logistics and distribution, as well as other areas that keep Kinze moving toward the next big innovation.


Meet Richard Dix, Senior Director of Supply Chain

Richard Dix joined Kinze in 2013 to manage all aspects of the supply chain, including procurement, inventory, logistics and distribution. Richard has over 20 years of experience in domestic and international supply chain operations, having served in managerial roles at Fortune 500 companies such as Avery Dennison, Maytag and Husqvarna. Richard holds a B.S. in Economics from Siena College and an MBA from the University of Iowa.