Ron Funk: Depth Control Equals Uniform Emergence

Ron Funk

New Haven, Indiana



Corn and Soybeans



3600 and 3650


What was your first Kinze product?

The first Kinze product we had here on the farm was back in the early 2000s. We purchased a 3500 split row planter to plant beans with and we really enjoyed it. We had a good stand, seed placement was perfect, and we had uniform emergence. Depth control was so much better than what we had before. So we were really pleased with how it performed.


What else keeps you coming back to Kinze?

The planters have really improved our productivity. We can get up in the morning and get rolling and not have to do too much to them – just regular maintenance. They have been exceptional machines to have. We are very pleased with the dependability. They run like a sewing machine. They come out in the field and they just keep right on going.

Ron's Full Testimonial Video

Watch the full testimonial below to learn by how using a Kinze planter give you depth control that equals uniform emergence in your field.