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Kinze Innovation Center - NOW OPEN!

The new Kinze Innovation Center describes nearly 50 years of inspiration, imagination and hard work by one man and generations of dedicated hard-working people (Kinze employees, partners, family and friends), who have contributed greatly to the development of modern agricultural equipment to help farmers around the world meet the challenges of crop production and the needs of 7.5 billion consumers worldwide and growing.



The Innovation Center is designed to appeal to all ages and:

  • Traces the history of Kinze from its humble beginnings in Ladora, Iowa.
  • Shares the fascinating stories and original concepts behind dozens of breakthrough innovations.
  • Chronicles Jon Kinzenbaw's relentless search for a better way through creativity and imagination.
  • Describes a proud Iowa company defined by five core values and inspired by a culture of innovative thinking and integrity.


The new 25,000-square-foot complex houses many of the original machines, design concepts and artifacts produced primarily by founder/inventor Jon Kinzenbaw.

The Innovation Center includes:

  • Big Blue.
  • The first-ever adjustable-width 12-bottom plow.
  • Replica of one of Jon's first business pickups.
  • The very first Kinze Grain Cart.
  • A Kinze-repowered tractor (JD5020).
  • One of the original 24-row rear fold planters.
  • Tractor from Jon Kinzenbaw's personal antique tractor collection* (We show a different one each season.).
  • A replica of the original Kinze Welding Shop (Ladora, IA) where it all began.
  • Innovation timelines (planters, carts, modern manufacturing, seed delivery).
  • Displays of Kinze's newest products and innovations.
  • Interactive displays for all ages.
  • The Kinze theater featuring The Kinze Story.


*To tour Jon's personal antique tractor collection, please call Kinze at (319) 668-1300 and ask for "Jon's Antique Tractor Collection."  Note: There is up to a 3 year waiting list for this tour, as it is only conducted twice per year.