Here's What Our Customers Say

Season after season. Year after year. Decade after decade. We rely on you to tell us what we’re doing right and how we can improve. Read what real Kinze customers have to say about Kinze Manufacturing throughout the years.

Andy Meyer

When I think of Kinze, first of all, I really enjoy the fact it’s an Iowa company. The local business employs a lot of people in the Williamsburg area, which is a nice thing. It means something to me that it’s a Midwest local company. 

Bob Breneman

In 2016, the 4900 performed absolutely flawlessly. It was a complete turnaround from what we had experienced in ’14 and ’15. The planting efficiency on the 4900 this year, was awesome. It was just very easy to get 350-400 acres a day with the planter.

Charlie Lambert

Accuracy is a big thing for me. I love driving by our fields in the spring. You can see rows of corn in all directions. 

Craig Schmidt

We really enjoy the service provided by our Kinze dealer. Just the knowledge their servicemen provide, and the inventory of parts that they have on hand. Another thing would be strength and durability in the equipment

Dan Brettnacher

We continue to use Kinze products because of the technology and because we believe in the products. We’ve checked some of the other brands and we didn’t have as good of luck. Kinze is a simple machine. It’s a proven machine. And I believe that’s all I’ll ever use on our farm.

Duane Sheppard

The dependability and durability are second to none. Under certain conditions, when the ground is tough and hard, the Kinze planter will do the job and put it in the ground. 

Jim McGee

Many of our innovations have been directly from comments from customers.

Mike Homolka

It goes back to the reliability and the design of Kinze products, and how sturdy and dependable they are. And of course, the dealer support we receive, and also the support from the company.

Ron Funk

The planters have really improved our productivity. We can get up in the morning and get rolling and not have to do too much to them – just regular maintenance.

Steve Schlumbohm

You don’t have to have a lot of backup, but when you do, Kinze and our dealership have always taken care of us.

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