Idea Submission Terms & Conditions

General Terms

Before disclosing any ideas to Kinze, you should contact an attorney about whether it is appropriate to share your ideas. Your ideas are your intellectual property and they may be valuable. When you share your ideas with others, you risk losing the rights to your idea once it is disclosed. Remember, an idea is not valuable until a significant amount of money is invested developing it, testing it and bringing it to market. Ideas that are submitted to Kinze may already be disclosed in prior literature and patents, may have been previously considered or already developed by us, or we may be developing a similar idea. For these and other reasons, the vast majority of ideas submitted to Kinze do not move beyond an initial review.   Please read these rules carefully and contact an attorney before submitting ideas to Kinze. By submitting your idea, you are giving up all copyright and other intellectual property right claims (other than patent and trademark claims) you may have against Kinze for copying, disclosing, evaluating or otherwise using the idea. Kinze is under no obligation to use your idea or to hold it in confidence. You will not be compensated for ideas developed by Kinze independent of the idea you submit to Kinze.

The following ideas and suggestions will not be considered:  1. Confidential information of any type 2. Business methods or ways of conducting our business Non-confidentiality  Do not submit confidential information. Kinze will not keep your idea confidential, as your idea may be copied and distributed to many people at Kinze for evaluation. We do not wish to make your idea public, but there are a large number of Kinze specialists that will review the idea, so it may be discussed with individuals outside of the company. If you would like to keep your materials confidential, do NOT send them to us. WE WILL NOT REVIEW CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Please note that if you have preliminary discussions with Kinze employees or specialists, they are not authorized to accept information on a confidential or restricted basis.  You are free to submit your idea to other companies without informing us, however, we request that you do not disclose that Kinze is considering your idea.  Kinze Manufacturing’s Obligations  Kinze agrees to review your idea when properly submitted via the Idea Submission Page; Kinze has no obligation to use your idea. Following the preliminary evaluation, if Kinze is interested in pursuing your project, you will be notified at the email account given by you at the time you submit your idea. Consulting Kinze does not act in a consulting capacity. Kinze will not provide advice. Kinze is not obligated to provide you with an explanation for any decision Kinze does, or does not, reach. This applies to your original disclosure as well as to anything you later disclose, orally or in writing.  Ownership You must own the idea you are submitting; you cannot submit the idea of another person or party; you must have the exclusive right to submit the idea to Kinze. Further, you must have the legal right to negotiate the idea with us and the power and authority to grant any and all rights in the material provided. This does not mean that you are granting any rights under a patent, which you already have or may obtain in the future, during this preliminary review.  Often, employers will require an employee to sign an employment contract. Some conditions of this contract may be that the company will own ideas related to their business. Please determine whether your employer owns the idea you are submitting. Kinze cannot accept ideas that are in violation of an agreement or understanding with another party, such as your current or former employer.

Age You must be at least 18 years old to submit an idea. 

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