Founded in 1965 on the premise of innovation, Kinze Manufacturing, Inc., markets its planters and grain carts globally and is known for a number of industry "firsts." Kinze operates with core values of integrity, customer focus, excellence, innovation and mutual respect. Kinze Manufacturing is the recognized technology leader and innovator of planters for row-crop production and grain auger carts. Kinze employees spend their nights and weekends farming, putting them in a unique position to be both manufacturers and customers of the planters and grain carts they build. For more information, visit the Kinze Manufacturing website at

Recent Posts

Mach Till Heads to the Field

Post Date: 2018-04-26

"Easy to hook up, get started, and operate!" "It likes to go fast! The faster you go, the better job it does at sizing and incorporating residue." "When I pulled back the soil, you could see that the Mach Till did not leave a compaction layer like a conventional disc." "Overall an impressive machine that will cover lots of acres ... Read More

The Mach Till Tillage Tool Explained

Post Date: 2018-04-06

Kinze's lineup of Mach Till hybrid-horizontal tillage tools were announced at the Farm Equipment Machinery Show in February 2018. Available in sizes from 20' to 40', these heavy-built implements are designed to shred heavy residue in the fall and produce an ideal seedbed for planting in the spring. Running at speeds of 8 to 12 mph, the Mach Till uses ... Read More

Kinze Electronics: A Closer Look

Post Date: 2018-03-28

The more you can control, the better you can operate. That applies to us, too. Kinze Electronics Division was created to develop proprietary electronic systems for Kinze planters—designed, tested and supported by Kinze. This gives us total control on the products we produce so we can deliver systems that make your planter work smarter and give you more control, all ... Read More

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