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The Kinze 2019 Blue Drive™ Tour

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2019-06-26

Watch and hear farmer's stories about how the new Blue Drive™ electric drive and Blue Vantage™ display performed on their farms this past spring.

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Blue Drive™ Continues Kinze Legacy For Southern Iowa Farmer

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2019-05-08

Spring planting is fully underway and the new Blue Drive electric drive planters with Blue Vantage displays are in fields helping farmers get their crop in. Southern Iowa farmer, Troy Adam, shares his experience using the Blue Drive and Blue Vantage, and how this new technology continues his family's legacy with Kinze Blue.

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Why Upgrade To Vacuum Seed Meters?

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2019-03-27

Have you ever considered upgrading your mechanical meters to vacuum meters? Jake, service representative at Kinze, explains the significant advantages of using a vacuum meter, and its return on investment.

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Tips for Planting Season

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2019-03-13

In just a few weeks, tractors, planters and related equipment will be returning to fields to start planting the 2019 crop. To help you get ready, we have compiled a list of planting tips and reminders to help get you and your Kinze planter primed for action. Even if you have started planting, these tips are still helpful — a ... Read More

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Which Down Force Is Right For You?

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-10-26

Every farmer understands when seed is planted it must be placed at a uniform depth, with good seed-to-soil contact, and a consistent seed spacing. In addition, each crop has an optimum depth that promotes the best germination, growth, and yields. For corn this is typically 1.5" to 2" deep, and for soybeans it is 1" to 1.5". To maintain this ... Read More

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Kinze Hydraulic Weight Transfer

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-09-13

Planters today are bigger than ever — with more rows and increased, centralized seed and fertilizer capacity. While this allows farmers to plant more acres per day and reduce the time needed to fill the planter, there are drawbacks. With so much weight centered above the center rows, pinch row compaction is increasingly becoming a problem that leads to stunted ... Read More

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Planter Section Control Technology

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-07-25

In a perfect world, all fields would be square and easily planted. However, that is not the case. You have tree lines, curved terraces, winding roads and waterways to work around. As a planter makes its way towards a waterway, for example, it has to either plant through a waterway or shut off well before a waterway. This can create ... Read More

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Successfully Put Away Your Planter

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-06-06

Spring 2018, in many parts of the country, it was the season that was slow to arrive, and once it got here, the rains would not give a decent break to plant. When it did get fit to plant, the days were long and the sleep was short, but it finally got done. Now the planter is setting in the ...

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Benefits of Planting with Split Rows

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-05-30

Planting with split rows has been a practice for 40 years. It was originally introduced by Kinze Manufacturing in 1978 as a result of searching for ways to reduce equipment costs. The split row concept is designed to seed conventional (30, 36 or 38 inch rows) and narrow rows (15, 18 or 19 inch rows) with one planter by engaging the push row units. Read More

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Its Time To Prepare Your Planter

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-02-28

In just a few weeks, tractors, planters and all other related equipment will be returning to the fields to start planting the 2018 crop. Because you put your planter away well, you have a great start getting your planter ready to be put in the dirt, however, there are still a few things you should check over. To help you ... Read More

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