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Liquid and Dry Fertilizer on Kinze Planters

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-01-17

We know growers need options for liquid and dry fertilizer. That’s why our spectrum of products provides a variety of ways to meet these requirements at the time of planting. Both in bulk fill and row unit hopper options based on the planter model and row configurations. Our bulk fill liquid fertilizer tanks range from 300 to 600 gallon capacity ... Read More

Kinze Electric Drive

Which Meter Drive is Right For You?

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-01-15

Advances in planter technologies have dramatically changed metering drives through the years. Today’s planters can be equipped with anything from a simple ground contact drive to a state-of-the-art electric drive completely controlled by GPS. So which one is best for your planter? Kinze provides options for what meter drive is best suited to maximize yield performance on each farmer’s operation ... Read More

4000 Series Row Unit

Kinze 4000 Series Row Unit – Innovative Design, Specifically for the 4900 Toolbar

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-01-15

Row units are the heart of every planter. The row units of the Kinze 4000 series offer an innovative design to provide consistent, dependable performance in all conditions. Every field is different and the 4000 series row unit can handle them all. It’s designed to maximize yield performance by delivering uniform planting and consistent plan emergence. Read More

3000 Wheels Coulter Mounted Residue720

Row unit attachments for residue management

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-01-15

Varying field residue is no match for Kinze planters. Across multiple soil types and tillage practices, all Kinze planters offer row unit attachments to help clear each row to plant efficiency and accurately for optimal yield.  Read More

3000 Series Row Unit720

The Proven Reliability and Versatility of the Kinze 3000 Series Row Unit

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-01-15

Durable. Reliable. Efficient. The proven row units of the Kinze 3000 series planters are designed for farmers who want highly customizable planter options combined with simple maintenance and low cost of ownership.  Read More

Kinze Vacuum Seed Meter

Which Seed Meter Is Right For You?

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-01-14

It used to be, when farmers went to the field to plant, the planting monitor on the tractor was equipped with simple indicator lights. These lights showed whether or not seeds were actually getting to the ground. If a seed tube became plugged, a monitor alarm would sound and the problem could be solved. This technology helped, but it was ... Read More

Kinze  Closing Wheel Options

Which closing wheels do you need?

By: Kinze Manufacturing Post Date: 2018-01-14

Kinze offers multiple closing wheel options that create superior seed-to-soil contact and precise seed placement across multiple soil types and tillage practices. Learn which option is the best for your operation.

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