By: Brad Niensteadt

Getting ready for planting season can, at times, be a little overwhelming, but in order to kickoff a great season a little preparation goes a long way. With that in mind, Kinze has created a simple checklist to help guarantee all of your equipment is in working order before entering the field.

1. Give your planter a thorough inspection for loose hardware. Pay special attention to:

2. Ensure the safety chain is properly installed

3. Check over row units and attachments:

4. Check drive line bearing and chains. Be sure to:

5. Grease entire machine and replace or fix zerk fittings that will not take grease

6. Take your meters to your local dealer to have them run on a test stand with your seed to ensure accuracy and operation

7. Make sure you check the hitch height to ensure tool bar is running level to slightly up-hill in field position

8. If you have fertilizer, make sure the fertilizer pumps are cleaned out from the last use

9. Check that all monitors and controllers are updated with the latest software releases

Contact your local dealer to register to learn when they are holding their planter clinic. The clinics are a great opportunity to ask your dealer questions and ensure your planter is ready for spring.

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