By: Kinze Manufacturing


As a special thank you to our fans, we created Kinze pumpkin stencils to use this Halloween season! Download the stencils below and get to work creating your Kinze masterpiece.

The steps are easy!

  1. Download the Pumpkin Stencil of your choice and print to fit your pumpkin.
  2. Mark the pattern from the stencil using push pins. 
  3. Cut out your pumpkin along the solid lines of the stencil.
  4. Place a few blue glow sticks or candles in your pumpkin and it's complete!

Kinze Pumpkin Stencils

 Kinze Logo Stencil  Kinze Grain Cart Stencil  Kinze Planter Stencil
Logo Stencil Grain Cart Stencil Planter Stencil
Download Download Download

We show you how to carve your pumpkin in this quick video:

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