By: Kinze Manufacturing


At Kinze, we operate according to a set of core values: integrity, customer focus, excellence, innovation and mutual respect. Our employees embody these core values each day. Last year, we implemented Core Value Leadership Awards to recognize individuals who go the extra mile and display a great example of one or more of our core values. These awards are given based on nominations from our senior leadership team.

Our most recent awardees are Jeff, Fabrication Supervisor I, and Russ, Proto Tool and Die Manager, for demonstrating excellence. 



We received sprockets that needed to be stamped. We painstakingly hand stamped well over 1,000 sprockets with a hammer and stamp. Then we received almost 3,000 more that also needed stamped. Russ took it upon himself to look for an alternative to hand stamping. Jeff jumped in to help Russ. Together, they developed a process with a press that was drastically better than the hammer-and-stamp process. Not only did it save time, it was also safer and decreased noise pollution. The solution they provided benefited their fellow employees and our customers. 

Great work, Jeff (left) and Russ (right)!

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