By: Kinze Manufacturing

Multi-hybrid planting has been a hot topic since Kinze introduced the first multi-hybrid planter two years ago. While there has been some initial research – including our own - making a strong case for multi-hybrid planting, a recent article on Farm Journal’s indicates that, based on their own test plot research, the future is definitely bright for this new technology.

Kinze 4900 Multi-Hybrid PlanterAccording to the annual Farm Journal Test Plot research, by matching seed hybrids or varieties with soil types, soil pH levels and other environmental factors, multi-hybrid planting can significantly boost yield potential. In fact, in one test plot example, when Farm Journal Field Agronomist, Ken Ferrie compared single hybrid and multi-hybrid yields in the same field, he experienced between $13 and $24 per acre advantage for multi-hybrid planting, depending on soil pH levels.

Farm Journal has been conducting their annual test plot research since 1992. The program is an effort to test new, practical technologies and production practices and determine the potential impact for farmers.

You can read the full article here.

*Photo above shows the Kinze 4900 Multi-Hybrid Planter in Kinze's test field. 

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