By: Kinze Manufacturing

Members of the Kinze team from the United States and the Czech Republic recently assembled the first Kinze 4900 planter in Europe. Service teams from multiple dealerships throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where the customer’s farming operation is located, worked together to help make this happen. 

Kinze 4900 Planter

While large planters aren’t currently common in the European Union, farmers there are beginning to see the advantage of having larger, modern, equipment like the Kinze 4900.

The complexity and size of the 4900 required the assembly team to be creative at times. For example, they had to figure out how to squeeze the planter from the assembly cell through a door to a neighboring service bay. In the end, the team overcame language barriers and a few interesting obstacles to build the planter in about three days, all without having to sacrifice any doorframes.

In the future, when 4900 planters are sent to this dealer, their team will have the experience to assemble the machines themselves. The Kinze US team has organized the planter into components groups, with a visual labeling system consisting of color codes, numbers and/or letters, which will help streamline the process.

Kinze products are internationally recognized for their quality, performance and workmanship. The ability of the Kinze team to work together with international dealers to deliver Kinze products of all sizes to farmers in all corners of the world demonstrates U.S. farmers can expect the same high level of service from Kinze as well.

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