By: Phil Jennings

Whew! It was a busy spring waiting on the weather and then planting within a narrow time frame. That last night of planting got late and you rolled onto the yard about 11:00 pm, but it was finished and it felt good to have all the seed in the ground. Now you can relax . . . RELAX?! . . . no way, not with spraying to do and side-dressing to get done. There’s really never a dull moment around the farm in the spring.

Now it’s summer and things are starting to slow down — at least just a little. You walk into the machine shed and there sits the planter still needing to be put away for the season. You think to yourself, “It looks good, I think I’ll just let it set until next year.”

Not a good idea…

For your planter to run at peak performance, efficiency and accuracy, what you do now to properly store it is just as important, if not more important, as what you do to prepare it for planting next spring.

To guide you on how to put your planter away properly, here's a checklist of what should be done to it now. Depending upon your planter, not all items may apply.

If equipped with a bulk fill system, also perform the following for proper storage.

SMTS%20300.pngNow is also a good time to get your seed meters tested and tuned for optimum seed spacing accuracy. For more information on meter accuracy, refer to our blog explaining Coefficient of Variation. To get your seed meters tested, schedule a time with your Kinze dealer to test them on the Kinze Seed Meter Test Stand.

There you go, your planter has now been throughly inspected and properly prepared for storage. Also, by ordering replacement parts right away, you will have them when you get your planter back out next spring. For more information, additional care tips and checklists, refer to the Operator’s Manual or contact your Kinze dealer.

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