By: Kinze Manufacturing

October 9, 2018 Crop Report

Rain. And more Rain. This has been the common theme across the country, making it difficult to get crops out of the field. Despite the struggles a lot of farmers are talking about with weather, the recent USDA Crop Report states that 34 percent of corn has been harvested in primary production states. That is 13 percent more than this time last year. However, soybeans harvested are two percent less than this time last year with 32 percent harvested in primary production states. We, too, are praying for better harvesting and crop conditions.

#KinzeHarvest18 Photos

Harvest is one of our favorite times of year. No, not because pumpkin spice EVERYTHING hits the supermarkets, but because we get to see your Kinze grain carts working in the field. A lot of you have submitted your #KinzeHarvest18 photos that we’ve added to our Kinze Facebook #KinzeHarvest18 Album. Thank you for your contributions, and more importantly, thank you for harvesting with Kinze.

See all of the photos we’ve received this far:

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