By: Kinze Manufacturing

Since buying his first Kinze planter in the early 1990's, Dan Brettnacher readily adopts new technology and depends upon Kinze to deliver it. The Indiana farmer bought his 4900 when it was released in 2014 and has planted over 12,000 acres in three seasons. He is an avid fan of the 4900 and candidly says, "There is no doubt in my mind that my next planter will be a 4900 planter (and) as long as I am planting corn or soybeans, this is the planter that I want behind me!" 

Dan is also a fan of getting planting done as quick as possible. "With the 4900 planter, I planted right at 4,200 acres in nine days; one of the days I ran over 600 acres. In beans, there was a time frame this year, 2016, I was planting and was running at seven to seven-and-a-half miles an hour, it started to sprinkle on me. As I looked down, I noticed that I was bumping gears and was right up to ten-and-a-half miles an hour as the rain was coming in. And when I went back two weeks later, I could not tell a difference from where I ran at seven miles an hour to where I was running at ten-and-a-half miles an hour," shared Dan, who currently owns two 3700 planters along with his 4900.

To learn more about why Dan is such a fan of the 4900 and the "Blue Crew," watch his testimonial video.

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