By: Kinze Manufacturing

Kinze innovation in grain carts started 45 years ago when we introduced the first two-wheeled flotation grain cart that held 435 bushels of grain. Since then, several generations of carts have proudly worn the blue paint — each with new innovations and the consistent reliability that make them a Kinze grain cart. 

The current lineup of carts (1100, 1300, and 1500) is no different. Packed with innovative features, ruggedly built, and simple to operate, these latest carts are the first choice of farmers who want to get their crop out the field fast. So what makes these carts so good at solving grain handling challenges? Let’s take a look.

Ease of Use

Spout%20view.jpgThey are the industry’s first dual-auger, low profile grain carts with an external corner auger to provide unmatched line of sight and operator visibility. In addition, the standard pivoting vertical auger and adjustable spout provide plenty of adjustment to precisely load any truck.

Tremendous Unload Speed

With large capacities of 1100, 1300 and 1500 bushels, and combined with unloading speeds of up to 750 bushels per minute, these carts keep the crop moving so the combine can keep running.

Filled With Standard Features

Tires or Tracks? Your Choice

Value Added Options

For extra convenience and added productivity, several options are available to match how you harvest grain.

The Kinze 1100, 1300 and 1500 dual-auger, external corner auger grain carts have set a different standard for grain handling performance that makes a difference for your farming operation. For more information, visit or contact your Kinze dealer


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