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Do you remember when planting was as simple as backing the tractor up to the planter, droping the pin in the hitch and being ready to plant? Technology has made some great advances over the years, but it can be confusing and daunting, and we recognize that.

As we researched ways to make technology simpler to use, we surveyed farmers to understand the challenges they had using planting technology. As farmers ourselves, we also experienced some of the same challenges.

We started by bringing all planter electronics in house. Using feedback from farmers, our Kinze Electronics team of engineers have worked tirelessly to design new hardware, software and a user interface that works smarter for you.

What resulted is the introduction of the Blue Vantage™ display and Blue Drive™ electric drive system that work seamlessly to deliver seed exactly where you want it, provide critical planting parameters and controls, and display real-time data row-by-row. It is as easy to use as dropping the hitch pin. With these systems you are able to begin planting faster and trust what it delivers.

Setting up the Blue Vantage™ display is quick and simple. It recognizes the planter configuration so all you need to do is add your farm data. Once you get to your field, you simply confirm your task settings on three screens and you are ready to plant. 

While you’re planting, we know it’s important to access your planting data display, fast and in real-time. That’s why we chose Ethernet connectivity for high-speed data transfer to communicate with the Blue Drive™ electric drive system. You can trust that the information on the Blue Vantage™ display is accurate to make the best in-field decisions possible. 

20180521 Blue Vantage Plant Screen In Cab Edited Tablet Only 740 X 450 Px

Customer Feedback

This spring, the Blue Vantage™ display and Blue Drive™ electric drive system were in fields with customers. Here are some comments we received from customers.

Both products are available on the Kinze 3660 and 4900 planters for the 2019 planting season. For more information see our Kinze Electronics page or visit your local authorized Kinze dealer.

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