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Row units are the heart of every planter.

The row units of the Kinze 4000 series offer an innovative design to provide consistent, dependable performance in all conditions.

Every field is different and the 4000 series row unit can handle them all. It’s designed to maximize yield performance by delivering uniform planting and consistent plan emergence.

4000 Series Row Unit

This row unit has 12" of vertical travel for accuracy over varied terrain, as well as load-equalizing gauge wheels for uniform depth control—even in heavy residue or rugged planting conditions. To accommodate variable soil types and preferred tillage practices, multiple residue wheels and closing wheels are available to match your operation.

As field conditions change, farmers can adjust planting settings on-the-go from the cab with the optional pneumatic down pressure package. Down pressure springs are also available.

Precision matters. So does durability.

Standard components include molded wheel covers that minimize soil build-up on wheels and reduce rock damage, a powder coat finish provide for added protection, and a cast iron shank for strength at higher planting speeds. Replaceable, greased bushings provide a long life and lower maintenance costs.

When choosing a box-fill for your 4900 planter, the 4000 series row units offer a range of hopper sizes to meet the different needs of farmers. Available models include a 3.0 bushel high-capacity hopper, 1.9 bushel conventional hopper, and a 0.18 bushel mini-hopper. 

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