By: Kinze Manufacturing

The Goal

The more you can control, the better you can operate. That applies to us, too. Kinze Electronics Division was created to develop proprietary electronic systems for Kinze planters—designed, tested and supported by Kinze. This gives us total control on the products we produce so we can deliver systems that make your planter work smarter and give you more control, all while being intuitive and easy to use. 

The Team

The Kinze Electronics team of software and electrical engineers bring over 140 years of experience from various industries including aviation, construction machinery and home electronics. Diverse backgrounds allow for out-of-the-box ideas to improve processes and ultimately, create intuitive products. Some team members grew up on farms or spent time working in agriculture. They are motivated to understand the challenges you face and create game-changing solutions to make planting easier, more productive and profitable.

There is a good balance of experienced and newer team members that work to better each other. The experienced team members teach new skills and challenge the new team members, while the newer team members bring fresh ideas, and are eager to learn and produce results. This combination creates a remarkable work environment that allows individuals to succeed as part of a team—the Kinze Electronics Team.

Technology and Collaboration

The Kinze Electronics Team has its own dedicated campus located in North Liberty, IA with state-of-the-art test labs, equipment and computer programs. The team members are centrally-located between the test labs, which allows constant collaboration and communication within and across the software and electrical engineering teams. 

John At Work 750X450

The team designs and tests individual and complete components long before it is ever installed on a planter for field testing. Once the product reaches the field testing stage, the electronics team maintains constant, real-time communication with the field test team. If issues arise, the electronics team has immediate access to the test labs to recreate issues, determine the issue location, develop a solution, and deliver new software versions to the field testing team efficiently.

Test Lab 750X450

The Outcome

Kinze Electronics is very excited to bring you two new systems that will give you more control in the cab with all the necessary data at your fingertips so you can be more productive in the field and make better operational decisions:

  1. Blue Vantage™ - the most user-friendly planter display on the market
  2. Blue Drive™ - electric drive system exclusively designed by Kinze

This is just the beginning. Look forward to new innovations brought to you by the Kinze Electronics Division. 

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