By: Kinze Manufacturing

Today, Sparks of Innovation takes you to Cortland, Nebraska, where Craig Schmidt plants corn and soybeans with a Kinze 3660 16 Row planter, and counts on Kinze 600 and 1050 grain carts at harvest time. Schmidt said Kinze stays focused on its specialties – row crop planters and grain carts – and that's why he stays true to blue.


“Kinze just specializes in certain lines of equipment. They’re not specializing in everything from tractors to combines to this and that,” said Craig, whose first Kinze machine was a 12 Row Econo Fold planter with liquid fertilizer and coulters. “So Kinze is solely concentrating, I feel, on their planter line and on their grain cart line. That’s what makes Kinze different from everybody else.”


Watch the latest installment of Kinze in the Field to see why Kinze equipment and dealer support give Craig confidence in the field. And click here to view his full testimonial. 

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