By: Kinze Manufacturing

We continue celebrating 50 years of loyalty, innovation and improvements with the next post in our year-long series on Sparks of Innovationwhich takes you out in the field to meet our customers and hear why they stay true to blue. 


This month, we’re visiting Dan Brettnacher of Brookston, Indiana. In the early 1990s, Dan bought a Kinze 2600 planter to plant 15" rows of soybeans. Until then he’d been pretty loyal to another color of planter, but was so impressed with the accuracy and depth control of his first Kinze that he later bought another Kinze planter for his cornfields. Today, Dan uses a Kinze 4900 24-row planter for both corn and soybeans, and he says it makes him feel proud to see so many blue planters used by surrounding farmers. 


Click here to see Dan’s full testimonial. Enjoy the latest installment of this ongoing series! 

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