By: Kinze Manufacturing

In a perfect world, all fields would be square and easily planted. However, that is not the case. You have tree lines, curved terraces, winding roads and waterways to work around. As a planter makes its way towards a waterway, for example, it has to either plant through a waterway or shut off well before a waterway. This can create areas that may be over-planted or under-planted, which can contribute to seed waste or decrease field yield potential. That is where section control technology comes in.

Section control technology has been around since the 2000’s. It started with air clutches, and then advanced to electric clutches. Both were chain operated. Fast forward to today, and section control is operated by electric motors.

Kinze has taken section control one-step further using electric motors to compensate for different row unit locations on the toolbar. This is important for split row and set-back row configurations. Listen to the excerpt from a presentation given by Brad Niensteadt, Kinze senior service representative, below to learn more.

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