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In just a few weeks, tractors, planters and all other related equipment will be returning to the fields to start planting the 2018 crop. Because you put your planter away well, you have a great start getting your planter ready to be put in the dirt, however, there are still a few things you should check over. To help you get ready, many Kinze dealers host a yearly Kinze Planter Clinic, which is a great opportunity to ask questions and make sure your planter is ready for spring. Contact your local Kinze dealer to find out the date for the next clinic.

In the meantime, to assist you in identifying what planter components may need to be adjusted or replaced and be prepared for a great spring, review the simple list below.

  1. Thoroughly inspect for loose hardware. Pay particular attention to:
    • Parallel arm bolts
    • Transport and field wheel bolts
    • Center post bearing casting bolts (on pivot fold planters)
  2. Ensure safety devices are properly working:
    • Safety chain is properly installed
    • Safety lights work when connected to tractor
    • SMV sign is attached, clean and visible
  3. Check over row units and attachments:
    • Disc opener blade measurement (replace if diameter is 14 1/2" or less)
    • No-till coulter adjustment and measurement (replace if diameter is 14 1/2" or less)
    • Closing wheel bearings alignment and condition
    • Gauge wheel adjustment and wear
  4. Check driveline bearings and chains; replace as necessary:
    • Chains should be lubricated and turn freely
    • Bearing hangers turn smoothly and are not rough
  5. Grease entire machine and replace fittings not accepting grease.
  6. Take the seed meters to your local Kinze dealer and, using your own seed, have them tested on the Seed Meter Test Stand for proper repair and adjustment.
  7. Make sure hitch height is adjusted correctly to keep the planter tongue level.
  8. Check over the fertilizer system:
    • Make sure fertilizer pumps are completely cleaned out after their last use
    • Flush the system with fresh water to make sure there are no leaks or delivery issues
  9. Thoroughly check over the planter display and related electronics:
    • Read an excellent article on checking over planter electronics, written by Phil Jennings, Service Manager at Kinze, and perform the recommended tasks.
    • Visit for the latest software releases to ensure all displays and controllers are operating with the latest versions of software.

Finally, always refer to your operator's and parts manuals for maintenance and part information, and contact your Kinze dealer with any questions you may have.

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