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The NEW Kinze Mach Till is a hybrid horizontal tillage tool that combines the benefits of vertical tillage, conventional tillage, and soil finishing tools into one versatile machine. The Mach Till is not a vertical tillage implement – it is a hybrid horizontal tillage tool that is quickly gaining popularity in North America.

 While it is a high-speed implement, running at speeds of 8 to 12 mph, that is only one of its many features and benefits – the most important benefit is what’s happening in the ground. Because it combines the benefits of many implements into one tool – it can deliver high-speed along with good soil finish and uniform residue management in clay, sand, loam, wet and dry soils.  This product not only replaces many machines, but it can also be used in the fall to shred residue and again in the spring to prepare the seedbed for planting.

 The Mach Till cuts and throws the soil at an angle to avoid creating a smear or compaction layer in the dirt, and then mixes the soil and residue together. The corrugated rubber roller on the back of the machine sheds soil, and breaks up larger clods. It also brings fine earth into contact with residue to optimize decomposition, leave an eye-appealing finish. The Mach Till is heavy built for speed and deep working depth, and the large wide tires and rear corrugated rubber roller minimize compaction.

Mach Till 401 Flexed 750X450

How Does the Mach Till Differ from Vertical Tillage and Conventional Tillage Equipment?

Vertical tillage became popular because it was offered as a high-speed solution, but has limited tillage benefits. Vertical tillage tools bring soil vertically to the surface using a straight disc blade, however do not eradicate weeds well, have limited depth, and plug in wet conditions.

Conventional tillage equipment runs at limited speeds due to more aggressive gang angles and deeper concave disc blades. Running a conventional tillage tool at higher speeds may compromise land leveling and create ruts.   

The Mach Till combines the benefits of these tools and more into one product that is high speed, provides uniform residue management, and a good soil finish in many types of soils. The new Kinze Mach Till is available in working widths of 20 to 40 feet that deliver working rates of 30 to 60 acres per hour. Horsepower requirements vary from fall to spring but range from 300 to 550 horsepower depending upon terrain and field conditions.

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