By: Kinze Manufacturing

Made in Iowa. We take pride in saying these words when talking about our grain carts and row crop planters that are built at our manufacturing headquarters in Williamsburg, Iowa. We champion our Midwest roots to anyone who will listen. Not just because of the pride factor, but also because building farm equipment in Iowa translates to several benefits to local farmers.
1. Faster response to demand
Our dealers will be able to get you the exact grain cart or planter that you want quickly. While it might take months for other companies to restock the in-demand items of the season, we are prepared to fill orders in a timely manner.
2. Customizable solutions to customers’ needs
Searching for something specific? Just look to our 3000 Series planter model as a prime example. In the 3000 Series, you can find six different row sizes available to meet your field needs. If your local dealer doesn’t have the specific model you need, we can work with your dealer to get it to you quickly.
3. Quality control and reliability
In Williamsburg, we take pride in our work because we know the farmers who count on our products. In fact, some of us are farmers ourselves. We take special care to produce quality grain carts and planters that are efficient and reliable, because that’s what we expect from the equipment we farm with.
4. Replacement parts are readily available
While we do strongly monitor our quality control to ensure that you get a reliable machine, wear and tear are inevitable. That’s when we work to help get you the parts you need promptly. We want you to have a successful season every year and you can count on us to help you with that.

5. Access to the "real" world
You don't have to take too many steps outside Kinze's factory or offices before you're in a farm field.Much of the research and testing that drives our product innovations happens right in these fields. That allows our engineers and product development teams to quickly test and fine-tune new products and features in real world conditions. What happens next? More of the same in other fields and conditions in other states to ensure high-performance in any environment that you’re likely to find a piece of Kinze equipment.

Interested in seeing the factory in person? Schedule a factory tour here.

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