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Varying field residue is no match for Kinze planters. Across multiple soil types and tillage practices, all Kinze planters offer row unit attachments to help clear each row to plant efficiency and accurately for optimal yield. 

Coulter Mounted Residue Wheels

3000 Wheels Coulter Mounted Residue720

These free-floating 12-inch diameter wheels have 12 curved tines with interlocked or staggered mountings. Eleven depth settings in quarter-inch increments support different tillage options and field management practices.

Dual Row Unit Mounted Residue Wheels

Kinze Dual Ru Res Wheels 720X400

Ideal for mulch-till. Rugged spring-loaded parallel linkage. 12-inch diameter wheel, 12 curved tines with 3-position mounting to vary aggressiveness. Available on the 4000 series row units.

Dawn GFX Hydraulic Row Cleaners

Kinze Dawn Gfx Detail

Maximize yield when you clear heavy crop residue from the seed trench providing consistent seed depth and crop emergence. The toolbar-mounted row cleaners are hydraulically adjustable from the cab with a control box, and provide an undisturbed, consistent row unit ride across the planter bar. Cast iron recommended for tougher no-till applications.

Row Unit Mounted Disc Furrowers

Kinze Row Unit Disc Furrowers

Available on the 3000 series row units, the notched or solid 12” diameter blades help clear clods and residue. 

Frame Mounted No-Till Coulters

3000 Frame Mounted Coulters720

Frame-mounted, the coulter blade depth adjusts for deeper penetration and to compensate for blade wear. Adjustable coil springs apply up to 500 pounds of down force for uniform performance over uneven terrain.  

Coulter Blade Options

16-inch diameter coulter blades are available three designs: 1-inch bubbled; 3/4-inch 13 fluted; or 1-inch, 8 fluted designs. 

Free-floating residue wheel attachments

In addition, free-floating residue wheel attachments feature weed guard and 11-1/4” incremental depth settings. 

A variety of closing wheels are also available. To learn more, visit your Kinze dealer

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