By: Kinze Manufacturing

Since its introduction in 2014, the Kinze Vacuum Meter has consistently demonstrated superior singulation and seed drop for 99%+ accuracy at speeds up to 8 mph*. Here are some of the reasons why.

very well suited for a Variety of Conditions

3%20views%20600px.pngSeed Disc 

Coefficient of Variation (COV) is the measurement of how well a meter is releasing seed and the variation of seed spacing that results. For more information, read our blog about COV.

Component Life expectancy 

Yearly meter testing and component inspection is recommend for peak, trouble-free planter performance. Contact your Kinze dealer. Below are the typical life expectancies of the Kinze Vacuum Meter components.


Kinze Vacuum Meter Retrofit Kit Available

Have a Kinze planter with mechanical or an EdgeVac meter and want to improve its performance? Click here for more information about Kinze Vacuum Meter retrofit kits or contact your Kinze dealer.

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