By: Kinze Manufacturing

For Indiana farmer Bob Breneman, the Kinze 4900 planter is accurate, efficient, and enjoyable to operate. “The 4900 is very easy to drive. The experience I had this year I haven’t really shared with anybody because I really don’t want anybody else getting in that planter - it’s a very simple planter to run. I actually enjoy running it and I really don’t want to get out of it, so I haven’t let anybody else run the planter,” shares Bob. 

What initially attracted Bob to the 4900 is the Kinze Vacuum Meter and the electric drive. “The singulation on the 4900, according to the Raven (monitor) is running 100% almost all the time, and I believe looking at the monitor and going out and checking the stands it’s really close to that. The electronic drive system and electronic meter is what sold me and what really is my favorite feature of the Kinze planter. It’s amazing, I never turned a corner before with a planter - I’ve always made square corners - but now I feel comfortable in turning corners because the population is the same all the way through the 24 rows. There’s not a whole bunch of seeds on one end of the planter and very sparse on the other end of the planter. I find myself turning corners more than I should just because I think it looks cool!” shares Bob, who currently owns a 3700 planter along with his 4900. 

To learn more about why Bob is such a fan of the 4900 planter, watch his testimonial video.

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