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Retrofit%20Kits%20Image%206002.jpgUpdate existing Kinze planters with the latest technologies to boost yields and extend the useful life of your planter. Retrofit kits to improve seed depth control and spacing, enable variable rate planting, reduce seed waste, and improve planting performance are available.

Improve Seed Spacing Precision

Upgrade to superior singulation and precise placement by replacing existing mechanical or EdgeVac meters with the Kinze vac meter. This vac meter has a consistent seed drop position resulting in precise seed placement and 99+% accuracy - even at planting speeds up to 8 mph*. MORE INFO

Eliminate Over Planting

Eliminate over-planting at end rows, point rows and in irregularly shaped fields to reduce seed costs and maximize yield potential. Adding Kinze electric clutches eliminates planting in previously planted areas of the field by turning meters off based upon field maps and other field data. MORE INFO


Match seed population to soil types by adding a hydraulic drive retrofit kit. A hydraulic drive enables adjustment of planting rates on-the-go from the cab using field prescription maps or by manual control. MORE INFO

Reduce Pinch Row Compaction

Transfer weight away from the center of the planter to reduce pinch row compaction and maintain row unit contact with the ground. The hydraulic weight transfer system, standard on many Kinze planters, is available as a retrofit kit for the 3600 planter. MORE INFO

Provide Uniform Seed Depth

Proper seed depth across the planter is critical for consistent emergence leading to higher yield potential. The Kinze pneumatic downforce retrofit kit ensures consistent seed depth by maintaining consistent downforce at each row unit. MORE INFO

Avoid Tractor Tire Damage

Avoid running tractor tires on damaging corn stubble when planting 15-inch no-till beans by adding a Kinze even-row push unit. Also benefit from a smoother planter ride, more accurate seed placement and depth, and utilizing the full width of the planter. MORE INFO

Reduce Seed Trench Compaction

To improve root penetration of seedlings, the sidewalls of the seed trench need to be firm but not compacted. The angular tooth design of this closing wheel promotes consistent plant emergence - especially in tough no-till conditions and saturated soils. MORE INFO

Easily Clear Crop Residue

Heavy crop residue is easily removed from the seed trench with these hydraulically adjustable row cleaners. Row units across the width of the planter operate smoother and provide a more consistent seed depth and crop emergence. MORE INFO

To compare the advantages of all the Kinze retrofit kits for your operation, visit Retrofit Kits or your local Kinze dealer.

*Speed and accuracy of the planter may be limited by field conditions, seed type and other variables.

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