By: Kinze Manufacturing

It’s hard to believe that Kinze Innovation Center has been open to the public for over five years! Where has the time gone? We have enjoyed welcoming thousands of visitors of all ages from across the globe and sharing the story of Kinze Manufacturing through interactive displays, videos and full size equipment exhibits.  

The Kinze Innovation Center was built to give our visitors an experience that goes beyond the products we manufacture, but tells the complete story. How did we become the company we are today? What challenges have we overcome? What do we believe in? Where are we going? Although our mission, vision and core values remain the same, a lot has changed since we first opened the Kinze Innovation Center in 2013.

We introduced many new products and innovations including the single auger grain cart in 2016, and most recently, the Blue Vantage™ display, Blue Drive™ electric drive system, and True Depth™ hydraulic down force system. We brought all of our electronics in-house and established our Kinze Electronics Division located in North Liberty, Iowa. We also entered into the tillage segment with the addition of our Mach Till™ product line, based on the Canadian design produced by Degelman Industries.

We decided to make a few small improvements to our Kinze Innovation Center to convey the growth we have experienced as a company and continue to bring you interactive displays that showcase our past, present and our path forward.      

The first change is a new video for our movie theater. This sets the tone for your experience, so we wanted to make sure it reflects the company we are today. It will be implement very soon. Watch the sneak peek below.

There is currently a Mach Till on display in our product center. Also coming soon is the addition of the Blue Vantage display. We want visitors to experience its incredible, user-friendly interface and provide feedback. Stay tuned!

Stop by the Kinze Innovation Center to see the latest additions. It is open Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday 9 a.m. to noon.

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