Holds 1200 bushels. Unload speed up to 750 bu/min.

Superior grain handling capabilities. Long life and durability. Easy operation. Understanding your challenges inspire us to create solutions like the 1105 Dual Auger grain cart. Experience speed (unload in about 90 seconds!), better line-of-sight visibility, and cleanout with the low-profile design and external corner vertical auger of the 1105.

Every Kinze Dual Auger Grain cart comes with the only 2-year warranty in the industry.

Cart capacity and hitch weight are based on #2 corn at 15% moisture (56lb test weight). Cart capacity and hitch weight may vary based on crop type, grade, moisture and other environmental factors. Bushels per minute may vary with moisture content of grain and/or PTO rpm.


  • Dual Auger
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  • Capacity: 1200 bushels
  • Unload speed: 750 bu/min
  • Available in: US / Canada
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Learn more about the technology of this grain cart. See the specs and parts breakdown.

Spec Sheet

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Our Features

Low, More Stable Center of Gravity

The low profile makes it easier to line up with the combine. The low center of gravity gives you greater stability and clearance. The full-length horizontal auger maximizes capacity.

Exceptional Line-of-Sight Visibility & Precise Grain Placement

Kinze’s exclusive pivoting external corner auger design allows for unparalleled operator line of sight and comfort while maneuvering the grain cart. Additionally, the corner auger allows the operator to adjust the auger more than 2' in height and nearly 2' in reach, along with a hydraulically adjustable spout for precise grain placement. The external auger tucks in for narrower transport width.

Auto Reset Torque Limiting Clutch

Protects the driveline and automatically resets without replacing components. Increases safety and minimizes damage with easy restart. Standard on all Kinze carts.

​Superior Grain Control

Equipped with an on-demand belt drive system, a hydraulic flow gate, full-length 22” horizontal auger and a 24” vertical auger for controlled, quick grain movement. The hydraulic horizontal disengagement provides peace of mind with the quick start and stop functionality for the flow of grain.

New and Improved Joystick Control

Standard on all dual auger grain carts, this intuitive, ergonomic joystick design makes it easy to control four different cart functions: tip spout, horizontal auger on/off, flow gate, and auger tilt. It also reduces tractor SCV requirements to only two.

Tire & Track Options

The dual auger 1105 model comes with either flotation or row crop tires and the option of high performance Kinze tracks by Camso. With 100” of ground contact, the Camso tracks are ideal for rough fields and wet conditions. Oscillating bogie wheels allow for less berming and smoother operation with reduced rolling resistance. Less maintenance and increased up-time thanks to oil bath hubs and spring track tensioner.

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