Our Largest Capacity Grain Cart

Load an entire semi-trailer in two minutes or less. Get the most out of harvest season with the Kinze 1500, our largest capacity grain cart with up to 1,600 bushels of heaped capacity. Experience quick unload time, and exceptional visibility with the low-profile design and external vertical corner auger. You’ll find it durable and easy to use. It is built heavy and designed to last, with decades of proven performance for a great return on investment and trade-in value. We stand behind your grain cart, giving you the only 2-year warranty in the industry on every Kinze dual auger grain cart. 

Cart capacity and hitch weight are based on #2 corn at 15% moisture (56lb test weight). Cart capacity and hitch weight may vary based on crop type, grade, moisture and other environmental factors. Bushels per minute may vary with moisture content of grain and/or PTO rpm. 


  • Dual Auger


  • Capacity: 1600 bushels
  • Unload speed: 750 bu/min
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Spec Sheet

Can’t decide? See all of our dual auger grain carts side by side with basic details for each.  

Our Features

1500 Tracks

Greater Stability for Increased Maneuverability

Feel at ease when traveling on uneven terrain and positioning your grain cart for unloading. The low-profile design provides a more stable center of gravity allowing you to easily and accurately line up to the combine with greater clearance. 

Line Of Sight

Precise Grain Placement

Adjust the auger more than 2' in height and nearly 2' in reach, along with a hydraulically adjustable spout for precise grain placement. The external auger tucks in when folded for narrower transport width. 

Grain Control

Putting More Control in Your Hands

Achieve superior grain control and unload speed with the on-demand belt drive system, a hydraulic flow gate, full-length 22” horizontal auger and a 24” vertical. The hydraulic horizontal disengagement provides peace of mind with the quick start and stop functionality for the flow of grain. 


Intuitive Joystick Control

Easily control four different cart functions: tip spout, horizontal auger on/off, flow gate and auger tilt. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand. This all new joystick reduces tractor SCV requirements to only two. It comes standard on all dual auger grain carts. 

Torque Limiting Clutch

Protect the Driveline

The torque limiting clutch automatically resets without replacing components, increasing safety and minimizing damage with an easy restart. This is standard on all Kinze grain carts. 

1500 Tracks

High Performance Tracks

Achieve reduced soil compaction with the rubber-tracked undercarriage that is 36” wide and has 108” of ground contact—standard on all 1500 grain carts. Rugged cast-iron and segmented end-wheels help minimize maintenance and adjustments. Four mid-wheels on each side ensure durability and increased track life. 

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