Holds 850 bushels. Unloads up to 475 bushels per minute.

Simplicity. Reliability. Innovation. The Kinze 851 single auger grain cart sets a different standard for grain handling performance. When crops are ready and it’s time to start harvest, you need a dependable grain cart. Our single auger design delivers great operating efficiency, reliability, and ease of use, so your harvest gets done on time.

Every Kinze single auger grain cart comes with a 1-year warranty.

Cart capacity and hitch weight are based on #2 corn at 15% moisture (56 lb test weight). Cart capacity and hitch weight may vary based on crop type, grade, moisture and other environmental factors. Bushels per minute may vary with moisture content of grain and/or PTO rpm.


  • Single Auger


  • Capacity: 850 Bushels
  • Unload speed: 475 bu/min
  • Available in: US / Canada, Other Regions
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Spec Sheet

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Our Features

​Excellent Visibility

The front folding corner auger extends and folds while next to your truck for convenience and visibility. Combined with two front windows, spout and internal tub light, camera options, and the easy-to-maneuver frame design, the 851 provides unmatched visibility of the combine spout, cart spout, and grain tank.

Complete Cleanout

The easy-open pit-dump door matches the contour of the auger housing and reduces the grain left in the auger—enabling complete cleanout.

Auto Reset Torque Limiting Clutch

Protects the driveline and automatically resets without replacing components. Increases safety and minimizes damage with easy restart. Standard on all Kinze carts.

Precise Grain Placement

The adjustable auger spout has a 42-degree range of motion for controlled grain flow and precise placement. 

Tire Options

The 851 grain cart comes with either diamond or lug tread low ground pressure radial tires. Standard 20-bolt hubs ensure the heaviest loads remain balanced while the lug tires provide great mud-handling performance.

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