Current Firmware Versions​​

Always Improving the Technology

Download the latest firmware and software updates for your planters and monitors. Release notes include the improvements and stabilizations made.


Kinze 4900 Planter with Advanced ISOBUS and Electric Drive v4.0


DO NOT update 4900 Electric Drive planters with this software update. Damage will result. This software update is for the 3000 Series planters and 4900 Contact Drive ISOBUS ONLY.

Seed Sensors V.08


Keep your monitor/display up-to-date and performing at its best. Click here for a Display Compatibility Chart.

Raven Viper 4 V2.3.1.10

Ag Leader Integra

Kinze Cobalt Firmware

Kinze Vision Firmware V9.1

KPM III Firmware V3.7

Test Stand

T4000 Seed Meter Test Stand V1.0.16.10287

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