Narrow Wing Fold Design with Dry or Liquid Fertilizer

The 3030 Kinze planter is a feature-packed narrow transport solution for many farms where narrow transport width is critical for navigating narrow roads or getting in to smaller fields. The double frame wing fold design that enables the use of split rows or dry or liquid fertilizer options, and the optional bulk fill hopper provide maximum versatility in a small package.

3200 Frnt 12 R Liq Tu201801 740X450 3200 Flex 740X450 3200 Flex Tu201801 740X450

3200 Frnt 12 R Liq Tu201801 740X450 3200 Flex 740X450 3200 Flex Tu201801 740X450


  • 8 Row 70 cm


  • Wing fold
  • Meter: Finger pickup, Brush, Vacuum 
  • Drive: Ground Contact
  • Seed Handling: Row Unit Hoppers
  • Fertilizer: Liquid or Dry
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Our Features

3030 20191008 115015 Wing Fold 550X400

Simple Wing Fold Frame

The wing fold design of the 3030 allows narrow transport for critical navigating of narrow roads or getting into smaller fields. 

3030 20191008 115417 Dry Fert 550X400

Dry or Liquid Fertilizer

1,140 liters of liquid fertilizer or 1,000 liters of dry.  Equipped with a double frame, designed to carry the weight so you can efficiently and productively plant your crop and apply fertilizer.

Kinze Vacuum Seed Meter 2

Precise Seed Metering

From the 99%+ accuracy of the True Rate™ vacuum meter, the simple versatility of the brush meter, to the proven design of the finger pick-up meter, Kinze offers a full line of meters to match your operation, crops and farming practices. To learn more about the differences and advantages of each meter, read more here

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